Sunday, January 20

so here it is the evening and i bare my soul to you.
to scared to tell the truths: this is my journal to you.
all that i want to say to you yet should not. cannot. will not.
i have no fear that you will find me here unless it is i who direct you.

*i need to be seperate from you.
i need you to not know what it is i feel for i will become that which you dont know that i am.
annoyingly cryptic, i am sure.
safe in my relative anonymity.
i shall speak to you with silent words.

Sunday, November 25

out of the city for the day.
playing on a "high-trch" computer wanting deperately to be that techno-whiz.

Saturday, November 24

late night/early morn.
not sure what the deal will be for this eveeeeeeeeeening.
feel like laming out tonight and taking it easy.

Tuesday, November 20